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Adria - 9 month old female

Meet Adria ❤️

9 month old female

Large size

Available for adoption

Location: Norfolk, UK

❤️ Adria can be a little nervous of people at first meet but once she understands your safe to be around she is very sweet and affectionate. Once Adria is comfortable she will allow you to stroke her and will come over for attention. She is looking for a quieter home with other doggy friends as she gains her confidence from other dogs.

In her current foster home, Adria lives with 5 other dogs which she gets on with well. She loves being around other dogs and will run around the garden playing nicely with them.

If Adria feels overwhelmed she will take herself to her safe space therefore this is essential in her new home.

Adria hasn't yet been comfortable on the lead and therefore her new home will need to continue her training with getting used to the lead. In the meantime she will need a secure garden to run around in.

Adria is toilet trained, sleeps well overnight in her safe space and can be left home alone without any issues.

Adria's foster family are doing a great job working her her confidence around people and to overcome her fears. She just needs a chance to be able to fully settle in her forever home and continue to grow. ❤️

Spayed/neutered ❌

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐ Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

Please consider Adria

ID code: PPTF CDA - 668A

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