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Bonnie - 2 year old female

Updated: Oct 18

Meet Bonnie ❤️

Approximately 2 years old

Medium sized female

Available for adoption

Location: Peterborough, UK

❤️ This little sweetheart is Bonnie. Bonnie is currently in foster in the UK.

Bonnie really likes to chill out and loves a lie in, especially at the weekend (as we all do!)

She loves going for walks and will run and run! She knows sit, down, paw, wait, in, up and can follow instructions - what a clever girl!

She loves other dogs and makes friends really quickly and would love to live with some doggy friends.

Although she has lived with cats she would prefer not to.

She is very wary of children and so we would be looking for a home that didn't have children living there.

Once she gets to know you and trust you she will come for cuddles and even let you dress her!

She can be wary of men when she first meets them, but once she trusts them, there are no problems.

Bonnie is such a sweet little girl and just needs to find her forever home with some forever human and doggy friends. Could you offer Bonnie the loving home she is searching for? ❤️

🐶 Bonnie can live with dogs

🐱 Bonnie would prefer not to live with cats

👧 Bonnie cannot live with children

🐕‍🦺 Bonnie has walked on a lead and is doing well with it




Homecheck and adoption fees apply*

Lifetime rescue back up provided*

Please consider Bonnie 🙏

ID code: NMUK - 446A

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