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Buddy - 3 year old male

Meet Buddy 💙

Available for Foster and/or Foster with the View to Adopt

Approx 3 Years old

Medium/Large sized Male

Currently in Shropshire


Meet Buddy. He is a very friendly boy with an amazing personality. He loves everyone he meets and would be everyone's best friend.

He is a vocal boy and likes to keep everyone entertained with his funny noises. He would make an amazing guard dog and will let you know when someone is approaching the house. He will be on standby for lots of kisses if it's one of his favourite people.

He would love an active home who can take him on lots of adventures and enjoy lots of long walks with him.

He can be very boisterous and unaware of his size. Overall is he is a very sweet, lovely boy who loves lots of cuddles and kisses.

Buddy can live with dog savvy children following sensible introductions. 👧

Buddy can live with other dogs with sensible introductions 🐕

Buddy has not met cats 🐱

Buddy accepts a collar, harness and lead and loves his walks. He can be very nervous of other dogs on walks if they suddenly approach him, especially off lead and he will cower away. Unfortunately, due to his owner's health he hasn't been able to be walked in a while. 🐾

Buddy is toilet trained. Buddy has previously used a crate. Buddy can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. Buddy has not been destructive. Buddy sleeps well overnight.




*Homecheck and match review apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*

ID Code: SC- 074E

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