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(Reserved) Buddy - 4 year old male

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Meet Buddy 💙

Available for Foster and/or Adoption

Approx 4 Years old.

Small/Medium sized Male

Currently in Kent

Transport Provided up to 100 Miles

Meet Buddy. He loves everyone he meets and loves to make lots of new friends.

Buddy can sometimes mouth during play however can be easily redirected with his toys.

He loves to have a stroke and lots of attention from his favourite people.

He is now learning to play with his toys and will grab his rope toys and have zoomies around the garden with these.

He is a clever boy and loves indoor brain games and learning new tricks and has already learned to sit, wait and how to cross the road safely.

He eats well and loves to have a lickymat with his treats. Overall he is a lovable, friendly dog who will make a smashing companion.

Buddy can live with Dog Savvy Children 8+ with sensible introductions. He has previously lived with children who he was great with and is good with children he meets on walks. 🏡

Buddy would prefer a dog free home. He will generally ignore dogs while on walks but has interacted well with a few with a happy sniff. 🐕

Buddy can live with a Confident, Dog Savvy cat. He is interested in cats on walks and will try to get close to them although will back away after a sniff. He also has met cats while in Romania and did well with them. 🐱

Buddy wears a collar, harness and lead as well as a slip lead while on walks so he is kept double leaded. He will also happily wear a dog coat over his harness when it rains .

He loves his walks and currently has 2-3 km walks three times a day. He will happily walk on the same route each day and show you the way but he is also more than happy to explore new places.

Buddy is toilet trained. Buddy is not crate trained.

Buddy has not currently been left alone in his current home.

He is also great through the night. Buddy travels well in the car.




*Homecheck and match review apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*

ID Code: SC - 057E

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