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Charlie - 7 yesr old male

Meet Charlie 💙

Approx 7 Years old.

Medium/Large sized Male

Currently in Merseyside UK

Transport Provided within Reason

Meet Charlie, He is the most friendliest, loving dog you will every meet! everyone is his best friend and he loves making new friends.

In the evenings he loves to cuddle up on the sofa with you and soak up all the attention.

Charlie can sometimes be a little unsure of new people in the home and wil bark however once inside and after a good sniff he will soon befriend them.

Overall he is the most amazing boy who will make the perfect companion for the right loving home.

Charlie can live with Dog Savvy Children with sensible introductions. He is amazing with the children in his current home.🏡

Charlie could possibly live with another smaller dog or a female dog with a successful meet, he can be a little unsure around larger dogs especially males. He loves to play with smaller dogs and puppies off lead when out on walks. 🐕

Charlie has not met cats up close however will ignore them while on walks. 🐱

Charlie accepts collar, harness and lead. He loves his walks and walks very well on the lead without pulling, he loves to be able to sniff around at all the new smells. He loves to go up to anyone on a walks asking for a head scratch.

Charlie is toilet trained however has never used a crate. Charlie can be left alone for up to 4 hours with no issues and he sleeps well downstairs overnight. Charlie doesn't travel well in the car and can whine.




️Homecheck and adoption fees apply

️Lifetime rescue back up applies

PPTF OSH - 2038A

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