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Finn - 3 year old male

Meet Finn 💙

Available for Foster and/or Foster with the View to Adopt

Approx 3 years old

Medium sized Male

Currently in Falkirk, Scotland

Transport Provided up to 100 Miles


Meet Finn. This Beautiful boy is looking for a home to call his own. He is very affectionate with the people he trusts.

He loves to play, especially with his squeaky toys and chasing his rubber ball.

He is very food motivated and will do anything for a treat. His favourite is boiled chicken and he loves his raw food for dinner. Red meat is his favourite!

He is a clever boy and responds well to a lot of commands such as sit, lay down, paw and bed.

Finn needs an adult only home 👧

Finn can share his home with a dog with sensible introductions. He is good with other dogs while on walks however can be picky with some dogs generally bigger than him. He has lots of doggie friends and has happily shared his garden with other dogs 🐕

Finn can share his home with cats with sensible introductions. He loves the cats he currently shares the home with. 🐱

Finn can be nervous with new people entering his home and safe place which can cause him to be reactive. He has accepted visitors on occasions with slow introductions especially if they have a doggie friend with them.

He can bark when people arrive or knock on the door and will react towards the postman. He will generally ignore strangers he sees regularly on walks unless approached suddenly or unexpectedly.

Finn accepts a collar however cannot walk with this due to his escape drive. He wears a double breasted harness and lead for his walks. He loves his walks and seeing his regulars. He can be better behaved when walked in unfamiliar areas. 🐾

Finn is toilet trained and crate trained. Finn can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. Finn sleeps well overnight in his bed and loves travelling in the car.

He has not displayed any destructive behaviours.

*Homecheck and match review apply*




Lifetime rescue back up applies

SC- 069E

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