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Flo - 7 year old female

Meet Flo ❤️

Available for Foster and/or Adoption

Approx 7 years old Small Female

Currently in Wiltshire

Meet Flo. This gorgeous French Bulldog girl is looking for her forever home! She is a lovely, girl with a cheeky personality.

Flo can be nervous around people initially and prefers men but with slow introductions she will warm up over time as long as things are taken at Flo's pace.

She loves lots of attention, belly rubs and cuddles with her favourite people and will lay on your lap for hours.

Flo is looking for a quiet, chilled home. She is a typical older lady who just wants to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoy her food!

Flo would prefer a child free home. However can live with older dog savvy children 14+ with sensible introductions. She is not a fan of children due to their unpredictability. 👧

Flo would prefer a dog free home as she can be dominant and become jealous of other dogs in her home. She can be reactive towards other dogs on walks and bark at them however she is working on this and improving. 🐕

Flo cannot live with cats due to her high prey drive. 🐱

Flo accepts a collar, harness and lead. She is great on the lead but prefers shorter walks as she can become tired on longer walks. Flo can be grumpy at other dogs and children on walks if they approach her suddenly so she would prefer her walks in quieter areas. 🐾

Flo is toilet trained and crate trained and uses her crate often as her safe place. Flo has been left for long periods of time and coped well.

Flo travels well in the car and will jump in herself.

Flo is not neutered or up to date with her vaccinations. The costs of this will be covered by the rescue in her new home.

️Homecheck and match review apply

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*




SC- 046E

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