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Honey - 3 year old female

Meet Honey ❤️

Available for Adoption

Approx 3 Years old.

Medium sized Female

Currently in Hertfordshire

Meet Honey. She is a playful girl who loves her toys and playing with the other dogs in the home. Her crazy legs often go in the other direction.

She is a huge foodie and will be your best friend for some treats.

She can be a cheeky girl and try and steal the other dogs food after hers so you have to be careful!

👨‍👧‍👦Honey can live with Dog Savvy Children 8+ with sensible introductions. She has previously lived with children who she was great with and is good with children she meets on walks.

🐕Honey can live with other dogs with sensible introductions. She is great with the other dogs in her home.

🐈Honey can live with a Confident, Dog Savvy Cat.

🐕‍🦺Honey wears a harness and lead as well as a slip lead while on walks so she is kept double leaded. She loves going on her walks and is getting a lot better with walking. She can sometimes zig-zag but is improving everyday.

Honey is almost fully toilet trained. She can occasionally have an accident.

Honey is not crate trained.

Honey has not currently been left alone in her home.

She is great overnight but has never travelled in the car.




⭐️Homecheck and match review apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up applies⭐️

ID Code: PPTF L - 325A

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Beautiful reminds me of our previous rescue. Hopefully find your new home soon

Me gusta
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