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(Reserved) Louie - 3 year old male

Updated: Apr 26

Meet Louie 💙

3 years old

Large Male

Available for Foster or Foster with the View to Adopt

Currently in Manchester


Meet Louie, Louie is a big gentle giant. He is such a clever boy who know a large range of tricks and is always keen to keep learning. He is very independent and will keep himself entertained for hours.

Louie can bark at new people at the front door especially men however once inside he loves all the love and attention from everyone. He isn't a super cuddly boy although does still come over for attention and strokes and likes to stay close by to the people he loves most.

He can find the busy world around him very overwhelming therefore he would prefer a home in a quieter area. He is also a very lazy boy who although loves his walk if also very happy snoozing.

L👨‍👧‍👦ouie can share his home with Dog Savvy Children 8+ with slow and sensible introductions. He is amazing with the very young child he currently lives with.

🐕Louie would prefer a dog free home. He can find other dogs overwhelming especially if they are in groups and does better with females. He does have lots of doggie friends who he has been slowly introduced to and loves their company.

🐈Louie cannot live with cats due to his high prey drive.

🐕‍🦺Louie accepts a collar, harness and lead. He is great on the lead but can pull to begin with. He absolutely loves his walks although he is also quite a lazy boy for his size and happy to potter around the garden. He often joins his owner on runs, he also has great recall in quieter areas. Louie will generally ignore other dogs while on walks but can become overwhelmed with large groups or if suddenly approached.

He is toilet trained and crate trained although no longer uses his crate. Louie can display guarding behaviours around high value treats such as bones, he will need to be fed seperately from other dogs at all times and left alone while eating his treats.

He can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues and has never been destructive, he is a very laidback boy within the home.




SC - 023F

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