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Luigi - 2 year old male

Meet Luigi 💙

Approx 2 Years old

Medium sized Male

Currently in Manchester

Transport Provided up to 40 Miles

Meet Luigi, This lovely boy is looking for a new home to call his own. He has had a hard start to life in kennels and was attacked by the other dogs in his kennels, despite this he is an amazing boy who has bounced back very well.

He is still learning his manner and can mouth if he becomes too overexcited however can be easily redirected.

He is a lovely dog who likes to be stroked and have a belly rub. He would suit a quieter and calmer home both inside and outside the house, he can be very overstimulated by loud noises and unknown people outside his home. He is very food motivated which makes training very easy!

Luigi can live with Older dog savvy children following sensible introductions 👧

Luigi can live with dogs following a successful meet. He is great with the current dog he lives with and loves to play rough with him however has previously been picky with the dogs he liked in the kennels 🐕

Luigi has not met cats however will ignore them on walks. He is always kept double leaded with an additional sliplead. 🐱

Luigi wears his collar all of the time and uses a harness and lead for his walks. He walks well on the lead and doesn't pull unless he wants to sniff something. Luigi can be reactive on walks towards people and moving objects such as cars and bikes especially if they are loud or very close although can be easily redirected with treats. He loves to sniff a lot of walks which often helps distract him from his trigger so make sure to have lots of treats to hand! 🐾

Luigi can become hyper-vigilant of people walking past the window therefore would prefer to live in a quieter area and with a family who can continue working on this with him.

Luigi is toilet trained. Luigi is not crate trained. Luigi has previously been left for up to 4 hours with no issues. He travels well in the car and sleeps well overnight.




️Homecheck and adoption fees apply

️Lifetime rescue back up applies

SC- 243E

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