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(Reserved) Mabel - 9 year old female

Updated: 5 days ago

Mabel ❤️

Available for Adoption

Small/Medium Female

Approx 9 years old

Currently in Northumberland

⭐️Adoption by donation ⭐️

This Gorgeous girl is Mabel. She is the most gentle and sweet girl but can be nervous with new people especially with men. However when relaxed her tail never stops wagging.

She is looking for a female primary carer in her new home.

She can often be found in the garden sunbathing under the tree or sitting and watching the children playing while waiting for belly rubs.

She will play in the evening and will get very excited for you to throw some treats for her.

She also loves her food and will do her little happy food dance while you are preparing it. Mabel loves her food and will play games - with food being the prize at the end.

She likes to watch what is going on in the house and enjoys her sleep.

Overall she is a lovable, gentle, lazy and stubborn girl - but everyone can't help but love her.

Mabel can live with dog savvy children 6+ with sensible introductions.

Mabel can live with a confident, dog savvy cat with separation and sensible introductions. She has not met cats close up however will ignore them while on walks.

Mabel would benefit from another doggy companion in her new home

Mabel is toilet trained and sleeps well overnight.

Mabel is not crate trained but travels well in one.

She can be left for long periods with no issues.

Mabel sleeps well overnight. She can be a lazy girl and enjoys her sleep.

Mabel has accepted the collar and lead; however will freeze if pressure is applied and is currently only confident enough to use the garden therefore she needs a secure garden to roam in until she is confident enough to be able to go for walks.

We always advise sensible and slow introductions to family members and other pets.




*Homecheck and match review apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*

ID Code :LB- 082A


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