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Magnus - 1 year old male

Meet Magnus 💙

1 year old

Large Male

Available for Foster and/or adoption by donation

Currently in Cornwall


Meet Magnus, Magnus is a Big Beautiful Boy who has the kindest heart and most loving personality, he loves to play with his toys and will run around keeping himself entertained all day.

He can be nervous around new people and will need slow and sensible introductions before he feels comfortable around them, he is a lot more confident around people when they have another dog with them and he grows in confidence.

Magnus is looking for a quieter home with minimal visitors and someone able to continue his training and help build up his confidence, he has made amazing progress since being in the UK.

👨‍👧‍👦Magnus can share his home with Older Dog savvy Children with slow and sensible introductions.

🐈Magnus has not met cats

🐕Magnus would benefit from another confident, Playful dog within his new home. He enjoys the company of other dogs and grows in confidence around them.

🐕‍🦺Magnus accepts a collar, harness and lead and walks well on the lead, he will get very excited however has not yet been confident enough to go for walks without another dog present and can be spooked by outside noises causing him to freeze.

He will need a secure garden in his new home to potter around in until he becomes more confident.

Magnus is a high energy boy who will need an active family to keep up with him and enjoys lots of long walks as well as provide mental stimulation while he isn't confident enough to go out.

A home in a quieter more rural area would be ideal for him so ensure he feels more comfortable on walks.

Magnus is toilet trained however is not crate trained. Magnus can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. Magnus has not yet been comfortable enough to go into the Car.

Magnus can be a cheeky boy and likes to steal clothes and socks to put holes in them, he also loves to dig holes within the garden, he will need lots of metal stimulation in his new home to keep him out of mischief.




SC - 008F

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