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Nevaeh - 6 year old female

Meet Nevaeh ❤️

Available for foster and/or Foster with the View of Adoption

Small/Medium sized female

Approx 6 years old

Currently in Fife

Transport Provided Anywhere in the UK


Meet Nevaeh. This lovely lady is very good with people and loves nothing more than a cuddle from people she trusts.

She loves to be out in the garden. Especially on a warm day when she can laze in the sun.

Nevaeh has a very patient nature and is very calm around the children, cat and rabbit where she currently lives.

She will seek out people for attention and can be very excitable when she meets people as she does love their company.

She is a clever girl and does answer to some commands.

Nevaeh can live with dog savvy children following slow and sensible introductions. 👧

Nevaeh cannot live with dogs. She can be very reactive and vocal towards other dogs and will need a home willing to work with her on these behaviours. 🐾

Nevaeh can live with dog savvy cats following slow and sensible introductions. 🐱

Nevaeh can wear a collar and harness but due to her reactivity towards other dogs is not currently being walked.

Nevaeh is toilet and crate trained and sleeps well overnight. She can be left for several hours and has not shown any destructive tendencies in her current home, although this may change in a new environment.

Nevaeh is not currently up to date with her vaccinations. The costs of this will be covered by the rescue.

*Homecheck and match review apply*



Lifetime rescue back up applies

SC - 013E

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