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Odin - 3 year old male

Updated: 10 hours ago

Meet Odin 💙

Available for foster and/or foster with a view to adopt

Approx 3 years old

Medium sized Male

Currently in the Wirral

Transport Provided Anywhere in the UK


Meet Odin, he is looking for an experienced owner to work on his reactivity and help him learn to relax and trust the world again. He is such a lovely boy inside the home when he can relax and loves cuddles and lots of attention from the people he trusts. He loves toys he can chew as he destroys soft toys in minutes! He is a clever boy and knows a large range of tricks such as sit, stay and paw.

Odin needs an adult only and pet free home 🏡

Odin accepts a collar, harness and lead and loves his walks although he is on high alert and very anxious of his surroundings. This can make him nervous of all of the movements around him causing reactivity. He has recently been able to work past a select few people outside with no reaction.

Odin is reactive towards dogs, people and moving objects such as cars, bikes etc therefore uses a muzzel when out and about in public. He doesn't like strangers in the home therefore will need initial slow introductions outside to begin with.

Odin is toilet trained. Odin is not crate trained. Odin doesn't show destructive behaviour however can chew shoes and soft toys. He has been left alone for long periods with no issues. He is also great through the night with open access downstairs, he can become anxious if shut into one room. Odin travels well in the car. Odin can display guarding behaviours therefore should be fed seperately at all times.

If you would like to welcome this lovely boy into your home, please fill in the forms in the link below.

If you would like to welcome this lovely boy into your home, please fill in the

or es@pawprints2fre




Lifetime rescue back up applies

SC - 042E

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