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Olaf - 6 year old male

Meet Olaf 💙

6 years old

Small/Medium Male

Breed - Mixed Terrier

Available for Foster or Foster with the View to Adopt

Currently in West Sussex


Meet Olaf, Olaf is a happy, friendly boy who loves meeting new people and soaking up all of the attention, he will get very excitable so sometimes will need some encouragement to calm down.

He isn't a cuddly boy but still loves he presence of human and doggie friends. He loves his chews for his teeth and is a very active boy with a huge willingness to learn! He would make an amazing companion for any family.

👨‍👧‍👦Olaf could share his home with Dog Savvy Children 10+ with slow and sensible introductions.

🐈Olaf has not met cats.

🐕Olaf could share his home with other dogs with slow and sensible introductions. He enjoys the company of his brother in his current home and loves to socialise around other dogs while on walks.

🐕‍🦺Olaf accepts a collar, harness and lead. He can sometimes pull on the lead although will calm down when asked to, this will need continued work in his new home, he also has great recall. He can sometimes be reactive towards other dogs while on the lead due to excitement however is excellent off the lead and loves to play with other dogs in open spaces.

Olaf is toilet trained and crate trained although he doesn't use this much and prefers to sleep elsewhere. He has never been destructive and can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. He sleeps well overnight and travels well in the car.




UK - 013F

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