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Oskar - 3 year old male

Meet Oskar💙

3 years old

Medium-Large sized


Available for Adoption

Currently in Leicestershire

💙Oskar is a very bouncy energetic boy who loves to play anytime of the day. He loves his toys especially soft ones.

Oskar is a cleaver boy who is doing really well learning commands from his current foster home like sit, lay down, paw - he will do anything for a tasty treat. Oskar loves a fuss but can sometimes be unsure when it comes to new people but after a few treats he normally comes around. He's very food motivated which helps with his training.

👨‍👧‍👦Oskar could live with children 8+

🐕‍🦺Oskar loves his walks where he wears a collar & harness. He walks well, loves to run around and gets excited to meet new doggy friends on the journey.

🐕Oskar is great with the other dogs and can live with other dogs following sensible introductions.

🐈 Oskar hasn't met cats.

Oskar sleeps well and travels well in the car but needs encouragement getting into the car.

When left alone at home, Oskar isn't destructive but has been know to howl if alone for too long therefore he will need things to keep him occupied. He has been left for up to 4 hours without issue.

Spayed/neutered ✅

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐ Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

Please consider Oskar 🙏

ID code: PPTF AG 059A

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