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Otto - 1 year old male

Meet Otto 💙

Approx 1 year old

Small/Medium Sized Male

Available for Foster or Adoption

Currently in West Midlands

Transport Provided Anywhere in the UK

Meet Otto. Otto is the most loyal, loving best friend who always wants to be by his family's side keeping them company and looking after them.

He is extremely obedient and has learnt a large range of tricks and commands with his current family. He listens and responds very quickly when completing tasks. He is also an affectionate boy who loves cuddle, attention, love and giving his family lots of licks and kisses.

He can be a nervous boy so loud noises and unpredictability such as movement outside can startle him - he isn't a fan of surprises.

He loves to be kept busy with lots of mental stimulation and activity puzzles! Toys are his favourite especially solid toys and he loves chasing and being chased to play with the people he loves.

Otto is looking for a Child and Pet free home.

Otto accepts a Collar, harness and lead and loose lead walks very well. He is very good at paying attention to his handler. Otto can be reactive to other dogs while on walks. He will generally ignore other people especially if distracted however can become uncomfortable if they are close by.

Otto can be fearful around strangers which can cause him to be reactive. He is currently muzzle trained and can be distracted with food while visitors arrive. For this reason he is looking for a quieter home with minimal visitors.

Otto is toilet trained but is not crate trained. He has never been destructive and can be left alone in the home for up to 6 hours with the other dogs with no issues. He may need time to adjust if on his own.

He sleeps well overnight in the living room and travels well in the car.

Otto can display guarding behaviours particularly with dogs surrounding his food, space, family and resources however can also sometimes display guarding behaviours around high value food with humans too.




Homecheck and match review apply

Lifetime rescue back up applies

ID Code: SC - 099E

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