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(Reserved) Peach - 7 year old female

Updated: 2 days ago

Meet Peach

Approximately 7 years old

Small-medium sized female

Available for adoption

Location: Adjud, Romania

❤️ Peach's story is too awful to even imagine. The cruelty that she has suffered at the hands of humans is one of the worst that we have heard.

Peach was found with an axe in her head. Once removed, she was left with an injury to her eye.

Even after such cruelty, Peach is still a sweet, calm and gentle soul. She is quite happy to be stroked and will even lean in for more fuss.

Peach really does deserve the most wonderful and loving home. Could you show her what love and family are really all about and that humans can be kind.

If you know that you can offer Peach her true forever home and will look after and care for her, then please apply. ❤️

🐶 Peach can live with dogs

🐱 Peach has not met cats yet

👧 Peach has not met children yet

🐕‍🦺 Peach has walked on a lead but will need further training with this




Homecheck and adoption fees apply.

Lifetime rescue back up provided.

Please consider Peach 🙏

ID code: ADJUD - 193A

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