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(Reserved) Roma - 3 year old female

Meet Roma ❤️

3 year old

Small Female

Available for Foster or Foster with the View to Adopt

Currently in Glasgow

Transport Provided Anywhere in the UK


Meet Roma, Roma is a cuddly little fluff ball with a lot of love. She loves to be close by to her favourite family and enjoying belly rubs and attention. She will make the most amazing companion for most families, can you give her a chance?

👨‍👧‍👦Roma can share her home with Older Dog Savvy Children. She can get overwhelmed with smaller children, particularly toddlers.

🐕Roma can share her home with other calmer dogs following sensible introductions. She can become overwhelmed if dogs are bouncy around her or invade her personal space.

🐈Roma cannot live with cats due to her high prey drive.

🐕‍🦺Roma accepts a collar, harness and lead. She can pull while on the lead and will need continued work on this in her new home.

Roma is toilet trained and crate trained. She has previously shown destructive behaviours when she was younger however she has not shown these behaviours since, she can also be left alone for long periods of time with no issues.

Roma has recently shown guarding behaviours around food and the baby, she hasn't displayed these behaviours previously, she will need to be fed separately at all times.

She sleeps well overnight close by to her family, she can be anxious in the car however copes better if someone is sat with her.




⭐️Homecheck and adoption fees apply ⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up provided ⭐️

SC - 053F

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