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Sadie and Albie - 4 year ol male and female

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Meet Sadie and Albie ❤️/💙

Available for Foster and/or Foster with the View to Adopt

Approx 4 Years old

Medium Sized Male and Female

Currently in Leicestershire

️Adoption by donation

Meet Sadie and Albie. This beautiful Bonded Pair are looking for a new home to call their own.

They can be nervous around new people but with slow introductions and lots of treats they will soon warm up in their own time.

Sadie is a very loving and friendly girl on her own terms. She will take herself off if she becomes overwhelmed.

Albie is a very talkative boy and often entertains the family with his funny noises. He is a very affectionate boy who loves lots of attention and cuddles. He will nudge your arm for more attention and loves sitting beside you.

Albie can be the more nervous of the two and looks up to Sadie for reassurance. They make a wonderful pair.

Sadie and Albie can live with Older Dog Savvy children following sensible introductions. 👧

Sadie and Albie can live with other calmer dogs with sensible introductions. They will generally ignore other dogs. 🐕

Sadie and Albie can live with cats with sensible introductions. Sadie will generally ignore the cats within her home. Albi can bark at the cats if they come too close to his space. 🐱

Sadie and Albie accept the collar, harness and lead. They can be hesitant at first but once ready they love their walks. They will generally ignore people and other dogs 🐾

They are both toilet trained. Sadie can be hesitant to go outside during fireworks and will use puppy pads.

They have both previously used a crate. They can be left alone for long periods with no issues. They sleep well overnight.

Albi is not currently neutered. The costs of this will be covered by the rescue in his new home.




*Homecheck and match review apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*

ID Code: SC

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