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(Reserved) Squish - 23 week old male

Updated: 10 hours ago

Meet Squish 💙

Approximately 23 weeks old male

Small/Medium size at maturity.

Available for adoption

Location: Curtea de Arges, Romania

💙Meet the handsome Squish! He is your typical puppy who just wants to play, sleep, eat and be loved!

Squish loves being around everyone and everything at the shelter and gets on well with them!

Squish has shown that he is one of our more confident and playful pups in the shelter and is just adorable!

Squish will make a great addition to a home and he deserves the chance to have his own family to love.

He can live with cats, dogs and dog-savvy children.

Could you offer Squish the loving home he is searching for?

We don't want him to only know street and shelter life, he deserves so much more. 💙

Squish can live with dogs🐶

Squish can live with cats 🐱

Squish can live with dog-savvy Children 👧

Squish has walked on a lead but will need further training with this 🐕‍🦺




️Homecheck and adoption fees apply

️ Lifetime rescue backup Provided

Please consider Squish🙏

ID code: PPTF CDA - 490A

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