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Tia and Tamara - 18 month old females

Meet Tia and Tamara ❤️

Available for Adoption

18 month old

Medium sized Females

Currently in Norfolk

Transport Provided up to 110 Miles

Meet Tia and Tamara. These beautiful sisters have done amazing in their foster home and are now ready to find their forever home together.

They can be nervous at first but will warm up very quickly with slow and sensible introductions.

When in Romania, Tamara suffered from an infection which resulted in her losing her eye. She recovered very well and this doesn't affect her day to day.

Tamara can be a little more nervous and looks up to her sister for confidence. They are both very playful and love to play with the other dogs in the home or with their toys and humans.

They are very clever and enjoy a good treat and praise from their family.

👨‍👧‍👦Tia and Tamara can live with dog savvy children 8+ following sensible introductions

🐕Tia and Tamara can live with another dog following sensible introductions.

🐈Tia and Tamara have not met cats

🐕‍🦺Tia and Tamara accept a collar and lead and enjoy their walks. They are very inquisitive of new smells around.🐾

Tia and Tamara are both toilet trained and crate trained. They are not destructive but will chew items if left out by mistake.

They can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues. Tia and Tamara sleep through the night in their crate.

⭐️Homecheck and adoption fees apply ⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up provided ⭐️




CDA - 035 and CDA - 036

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