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(Reserved) Tinkerbell - 7 year old female

Updated: 3 days ago

Meet Tinkerbell ❤️

Approximately 7 years old female

Medium sized

Available for adoption

Location: Nantwich,Cheshire


❤️ It has been amazing to see the change in Tinker Bell over the past few months - she used to be a bit shy and nervy - look at her now just loving those tummy rubs! All she needs now is her forever home - have you got a Tinker Bell space space in your home? ❤️

Available for meets now💕

🐶Tinker Bell is looking for a dog free home

🐱Tinker Bell is looking for a cat free home

👧Tinker Bell can live with children 16+

🐕‍🦺Tinker Bell has worn a lead yet




Homecheck and adoption fees apply.

Lifetime rescue back up provided.

Please consider Tinker Bell 🙏

ID code: PPTF AG - 714A

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