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Willow | 5 year old female

Updated: Oct 23

Meet Willow ❤️

Approximately 5 years old

Medium sized female

Available for Foster/Adoption

Location: Cheshire


This is Willow. She is currently at our safe haven kennels in Cheshire and needing an Adult only and Pet free home. She’s a very friendly girl, good with other dogs out on walks. Loves Zoomies and playing with toys in our paddocks.

Great on the lead and would make a wonderful companion.

Willow is nervous of strangers so would like to meet her potential adopters a few times first at our kennels to help build a bond. Once a bond has been built she is a lovely girl who enjoys having a fuss made of her.

Willow is an energetic dog who loves to play. She is looking for a home who can give her the attention and exercise she needs.

Willow has shown some signs of separation anxiety through destructive behaviours, so as she would like to find a home where her adopters can be home most of the time.

Willows ideal home would be somewhere with low-traffic and few visitors. She would love a safe space in her future home that she can reside to peacefully whenever visitors come over.

Willow is such a sweet girl who deserves a forever home. Have you got space in your home and heart for her?

Willow is available for meets now 💕

⭐️Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up provided ⭐️

•spayed/neutered ✅

•vaccines ✅

•chipped ✅


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