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(Reserved) Winnie - 6 year old female

Meet Winnie ❤️

6 year old female

Medium sized

Available for adoption

Location: Resista, Romania

❤️ This wonderful girl is Winnie. She has the most adorable slightly wonky lip! Winnie has the most beautiful personality and has so much love to give. She is a gentle soul who is looking for a calm and quieter home, where ideally someone would be around for a lot of the time.

She likes to have a fuss and lots of affection and is looking for someone to give lots of love to. Winnie would like to have another dog in the house to keep her company.

Her doggy friends from the shelter have found their forever homes, now it is her time.We know the perfect home for Winnie is out there, she really shouldn't be in a kennel - we want her to see what life is all about and have a cosy bed and toys to play with. Could you be her forever home? ❤️

🐶 Winnie can live with dogs

🐱 Winnie can be cat tested on request

👧 Winnie can live with dog savvy children 12+

🐕‍🦺 Winnie has walked on a lead but will need further training with this

Spayed/neutered ✅

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐ Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

Please consider Winnie 🙏

ID code: PPTF L - 322A

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