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Wisdom - 8 year old male

Updated: 9 hours ago

Meet Wisdom 💙

Available for Adoption

Approx 8 years old

Medium sized Male

Currently in Bristol

Transport Provided up to 100 Miles


Meet Wisdom, He is the biggest cuddle monster and would cuddle all day if you let him. If you dare stop stroking him he will move his paw or head to get you to start again.

He loves meeting new people and greets everyone with a waggy tail. Within minutes he has inevitably stuck his head in their direction for a fuss or stroke.

He really doesn't like the rain and he is stubborn about going outside if it has been raining, or is currently. He also likes sunbathing in the garden and meeting other doggy friends.

He is not very food motivated. However he is still learning tricks and has understood stay and come.

In general, he is just the sweetest guy and wants nothing more than to snooze next to his favourite people.

Wisdom can live with Dog Savvy Children following sensible introductions. 👧

Wisdom would love to share his home with another doggy companion following sensible introductions. He gravitates towards other dogs and is very good at reading their cues. He is very understanding if a dog is nervous and will keep his distance but also loves to greet the friendly dogs with a waggy tail. 🐕

Wisdom has not met cats 🐱

Wisdom accepts the Collar, harness and lead. He will regularly use a collar and will use a harness, lead and slip-lead on his walks. He gets very excited for his walks but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. He will stop and calmly observe what's around him a few times on walks but with some prompting and treats he will carry on. He can be more motivated to walk when with another dog. 🐾

Wisdom is toilet trained. Wisdom is not crate trained.

Wisdom has been left for short periods currently however is very relaxed therefore his family feel he would be okay being left alone for longer.

Wisdom can be nervous of the car. His family are continuing to work with this.




*Homecheck and Match Review apply*

*Lifetime rescue back up applies*

ID Code: RC 336E

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