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(Reserved) Chocolate - 5 month female

Updated: May 7

Meet Chocolate ❤️

5 month old female

Medium size at maturity

Available for adoption

Location: Manchester

❤️ Chocolate is a lovely young pup who loves being around people. She's loves being fussed, having a cuddle and being groomed. She is a typical happy puppy who loves playing with her toys. Chocolate is happy around people Including children & likes dogs and cats. Therefore could live with all 3 in her new home.

She loves the outside and will scamper around the garden. She has recently been brave enough to wear a collar and lead and go outside for a walk and done very well.

Chocolate is doing well with her toilet training, she has learn't to go on the puppy pads and will go outside in the garden if the door is open. Her training will need to continue in her new home.

Chocolate sleeps well overnight and has been left for 3 hours so far with no issues.

Her foster family have done an amazing job and Chocolate is now ready to find her forever family. ❤️

👨‍👧‍👦Chocolate can live with children

🐕Chocolate canine with dogs

🐈Chocolate can live with cats

Spayed/neutered ❌

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐ Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

Please consider Chocolate 🙏

ID code: PPTF CDA - 179A

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