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Fostering FAQ

Wondering how the fostering process works? Here's a handy guide...


What is fostering a dog?

Fostering a dog plays a crucial role here at Pawprints to Freedom by providing a safe haven for dogs in need while they await permanent homes. For many dogs, fostering is a lifeline that offers them a chance at a better future. Fostering a dog is not only rewarding, but it also increases the dog's chances of being adopted by providing them with support to bring out their true personality.


Is fostering a dog free?

One of the common questions prospective fosters ask is whether fostering a dog incurs any financial costs. Generally, fostering a dog is free; we waive the adoption fee for our fosterers. We cover all the veterinary fees, but you will need to cover food, flea and worming and provide any additional items such as toys or grooming supplies.


Will I get paid for fostering a dog?

While fostering a dog is a deeply fulfilling experience, it is volunteer-based. The true reward of fostering comes from the knowledge that you're providing a loving temporary home for a dog in need and playing a vital role in their journey to finding a forever home. While there may not be financial compensation, the emotional rewards of fostering are immeasurable, making it a truly enriching experience for those who choose to open their hearts and homes to one of our dogs in need.


What are the criteria for fostering a dog?

To become a fosterer, there are certain criteria that need to be met. Generally, we would not allow you to foster if you have children under the age of four. If you have children between the ages of four and twelve, we would only allow you to foster a dog who has been child-tested. However, here at Pawprints To Freedom, we appreciate that you may be very experienced with rescue dogs and as such your application would be considered on a case-by-case basis.


How can I foster a dog?

Every application to foster brings us so much excitement and joy with anticipation of a dog going home. Our process is thorough to ensure we are matching our dogs to the correct homes for their needs, and we hope that you stick with us throughout. We promise it’s worth it!


Fostering for us is a simple and straightforward process:

Step 1: The process of fostering a dog typically begins with filling out our application form here. In the form, we’ll ask you about your experience with dogs and your current living situation


Step 2: You’ll be sent a declaration form to sign and return to us.


Step 3: A member of our team (your admin contact) will be in touch; we aim to contact you within 48 hours.


Step 4: Your admin contact will arrange to speak to you over the phone to explain the process, gather more information, help match you to your perfect foster pouch and answer any questions you may have.


Step 5: Next, we’ll arrange a home check before carrying out a match review to ensure it is the perfect match


Step 6: We can book your foster dog onto the next transport, and we’ll give up updates about their arrival.


Can I choose which dog I would like to foster?

Yes, of course; depending on your circumstances, we can match you to a dog that requires a foster home alternatively, you can state on your application form which dog you are interested in fostering.


What support will I receive?

Here at Pawprints To Freedom, we will provide you with continued support and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have:

Once your foster dog is on transport, we will create a foster chat with you, your admin and a member of our foster team so you have access to continued support.


How long do I need to foster for?

The length of time a dog spends in foster care can vary widely depending on the dog's individual needs and circumstances. Some dogs may only have a few weeks of foster care before finding their forever homes, while others may require longer-term care due to medical or behavioural issues. We are unable to give a timescale on how long the foster will be for.


Understanding "Failed" Fosters

If you decide to adopt the dog you are fostering rather than allowing the dog to be adopted by someone else, this is known as a failed foster. While the term may sound negative, failed fosters are actually a positive outcome for both you and the dog. It means that you have formed a strong bond with the dog and have decided to make them a permanent member of your family. Failed fosters are celebrated as a happy ending.



Fostering a dog is a rewarding experience that provides dogs with the love, care, and stability they need to thrive. By opening your home to a foster dog, you're not only saving a life but also making a meaningful difference in the world of animal welfare. If you're interested in becoming a foster for us or have any questions, please get in touch.

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