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Our Work in Romania
Why Romania?

This is a question we often get asked and it’s a really valid question - Why do we choose Romania when there are also dogs within the U.K. that need help?


For us it’s not choosing one over the other, it’s helping where the need is greater. 

Our team have seen some harrowing sites within Romania, things that have kept us awake at night and given us the fight to continue what we do. We have seen dogs in Romania experience what no living being should ever be subjected to. It’s not a rare occurrence there, it’s daily life and it needs to change. 


Puppies being born on concrete floors in kill shelters, only to be killed or die of disease.

Dogs with severe injuries left untreated and unwanted on the side of the road.

Dogs so emaciated they cannot stand up. 


And it goes on.. 


We fight to make a change, to spay and neuter as much as possible and to educate. 


We will always do our best to help any animal in need, no matter where they were born because we truly do believe that compassion has no borders.

Our Shelters in Romania

Curtea de Arges Private Shelter

Our second private shelter in Romania (2020) situated closer to the airport in Curtea de Arges. 


This shelter holds approx 70 dogs and works as an overflow shelter space for the public shelter that we have taken over.


 A large perimeter fence offers a safe space to play and have fun whilst waiting for their forever homes.


Curtea de Arges Public Shelter

In February 2021, we took over the management of a public shelter in Curtea de Arges, Romania.


This shelter originally operated as a kill shelter, meaning that after 14 days on the site dogs would be euthanised. 

After months of dealing with local authorities and submitted paperwork, we were accepted to take over this public shelter.

It was no easy feat but it was a wonderful feeling when we started to take in our first residents and even better when stray dogs literally turned up at our doors.

Click the button below to read more about our public shelter.

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