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Obi - 4 year old female

Updated: May 15

Meet Obi ❤️

Available for Foster or Adoption

Approx 4 Years old.

Medium Sized Female

Currently in Nantwich Cheshire


Meet Obi. She is very affectionate and cuddly. She does a lovely big flop to the side and if you scratch a specific spot on her belly her leg starts to vibrate which is her favourite party trick!

Obi loves her safe place and would need a quiet personal space of her own in her new home.

She does love to play, especially tug of war and fetch although she doesn't often bring things back.

She can be a sensitive girl and isn't a fan of being brushed or touched with unfamiliar objects such as flea combs .... and baths are her worst enemy.

She is a very clever girl and likes her brain to be kept busy with lots of problem solving games. Enrichment activities such as kongs and foraging games and she absolutely loves to dig, especially in mud and sand.

She is very obedient and understands boundaries well.

Obi can be nervous around loud or unfamiliar noises therefore so would prefer a home in a quieter area and within a calmer home.

She loves her food and is very food driven, especially for treats and dentastix. She learns commands very quickly. Overall she is extremely dopey and playful, a huge puppy at heart.

Obi needs an adult only home 🏡

Obi would prefer a Dog free home. She has some doggy friends which she made as a puppy however has not since accepted any others. 🐕

Obi can live with a Dog Savvy Cat following sensible introductions. She gets on well with the cat in her current home however she can be jumpy which can sometimes scare the cat. 🐱

Obi accepts a collar, harness and lead. She uses a three point harness for her walks as she can be an escape artist. Due to her owner's health declining she hasn't been able to walk her for over a month. Obi loves her walks especially having an off lead run in an enclosed field.

Obi is reactive towards other dogs who are close by to her but can be distracted with treats on most occasions. She can also sometimes be reactive towards men if they are walking by her very closely or if they are shouting etc. Obi is always kept muzzled on walks.

Obi does not like visitors entering her home as this can make her very anxious. She prefers to be able to see any visitors as being shut away can make her more uncomfortable. Her family have worked hard with Obi on introducing her to visitors. She will now accept visitors into the home while wearing her muzzle and is comfortable if they completely ignore her. She will usually start accepting people very quickly and will settle within 30-60 minutes and then will love them forever. She has lots of regular visitors including children who she now absolutely loves to greet and spend time with.

Obi is toilet trained however has never used a crate but does like to have her own gated off area within the home as her safe place.

Obi can be left alone for long periods with no issues and enjoys having white noise playing. She sleeps well downstairs overnight however can become anxious if hearing noises outside.

Obi travels well in the car and likes to look out of the window. She can bark at dogs however.

Obi can display guarding behaviours around her food with Dogs and Children therefore will need to be fed separately at all times.

Obi is not up to date with her vaccinations. The costs of this will be covered by the rescue.




⭐️Homecheck and match review apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue back up applies⭐️

ID Code:OSH- 080E

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