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Complaints Procedure


Pawprints to Freedom is committed to providing a high-quality service and maintaining the highest standards in order to protect and support dogs in need, and ensuring all volunteers, fosters, adopters, and others, feel supported and satisfied with their dealings with us as a rescue. At Pawprints to Freedom we value all feedback, grievances, and concerns. This Complaints Policy sets a structured framework that outlines clear procedures for registering, investigating, and resolving complaints in a fair, efficient, and confidential manner. We ask that complainants patiently work through the complaints process with us before involving media outlets which may compromise the rescue of other dogs. If you feel you do want to publicly share your story, we hope you can do this once our complaints procedure has been concluded.


The following complaint procedure is available for the use of any individual who would like to make a complaint in relation to or against Pawprints to Freedom. Pawprints to Freedom will seek to facilitate the resolution of complaints at the earliest possible point to the satisfaction of the complainant and of Pawprints To Freedom. The outcome of any action at each step will be recorded and the complainant will be notified in writing promptly within the specified time of the incident occurring. Whilst every effort will be made to find a mutually acceptable resolution of the complaint, in the event a satisfactory resolution is not found after following all three steps in the complaint’s procedure, the matter will be considered closed by Pawprints to Freedom.

If a complaint is received by a member of staff about another member of staff, then the Grievance Procedures are followed in the Harassment or HR Policy.

Any complaint will be managed according to the following procedure.

Raising a Complaint

Complaints must be received within 4 weeks of the incident.


  • If a complaint is received, the volunteer or staff member concerned should try to resolve the complaint informally by providing further information or support.

  • If a satisfactory resolution is not found, the volunteer or staff member must refer the complaint to management as soon as possible to enable an investigation to start. This can be done by using the all admin chat group to ask for a manager to contact you, or by sending the details directly to your team leader.

  • If you are the complainant, please email with the following information:

    • Your full name and contact details;

    • Description of the complaint and involved parties. You should try and provide 
      as much information as possible including dates and times if applicable;

    • Supporting documents;

    • Communication history with Pawprints To Freedom if applicable; and

    • Your desired resolution.

Initial Acknowledgement


Once a complaint has been raised with management a manager will be in touch within 3 days of receiving it to confirm receipt and enclose a copy of this procedure.


The acknowledgement will provide an estimated timeline for resolution.


A designated individual will investigate the complaint thoroughly, seeking additional
information as needed. This will normally involve speaking to the admins/ volunteers
involved with your complaint, to gather as much information as possible.


The complaint will be handled confidentially, with information disclosed only to
individuals involve
d in the resolution process.



Pawprints To Freedom will aim to resolve complaints within 14 days. The complainant will be kept informed of the progress and resolution status.


Pawprints To Freedom will communicate the resolution to the complainant in writing, unless the complainant prefers another method. Our reasons for the outcome will be
given and we will always aim for the conclusion which fits the best interest of all
persons and any animals involved.


Once you have received this resolution, you will have 14 days to raise any
objections. After 14 days we will consider the complaint to be closed




If you raise objections to the resolution the complaint will be escalated to the
Pawprints to Freedom Directors and Trustees to assess whether there are other
reasonable and practical solutions. This will result in a final decision being communicated in writing to the complainant.


Quality Improvement

Complaints and their resolutions will be analysed for trends and reoccurring issues to
identify opportunities for process improvement.


Record Keeping

Pawprints To Freedom will maintain records of all complaints, investigations, and
resolutions for a period of 5 years.


Review and Update

This Complaints Policy will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure its

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