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6 easy ways you can help us raise money that won't cost you a penny!

Help save more dogs without spending a tremendous amount of time and money? Yes please! Foxy at Our Safe Haven kennels has some top tips for fundraising the lazy way:

  • Register for Easyfundraising and earn small donations every time you shop online with a participating retailer.

  • Donate your unwanted items to our Auction or Outlet teams - you'll clear out your closet and they'll receive vital stock to sell.

  • Check whether your company offers charitable donations through or whether it runs its own charity/volunteer day or match funding scheme.

  • Share our social media posts - you never know who might see them!

These six low-effort, zero cost ways all help us earn vital income for the dogs in our care - the contributions might seem small, but when everyone participates, the pennies turn into pounds faster than you might think.

Got any other helpful fundraising ideas? Get in touch or fill out an application to volunteer with our friendly fundraising team.

P.S. Foxy would also like to point out that she is available for meet and greets at our Nantwich kennels. Fill out an application here.

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