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A mission to save Kirby in time

Kirby's story captured the hearts of animal-lovers everywhere when we received word that he was giving up hope, along with this heartbreaking photo.

Kirby is one of the Adjud public shelter dogs and unfortunately his situation is all too familiar - the shelter is overcrowded and he is being picked on by the dogs in his pen.

Here’s what our Adjud volunteer contact wrote to us:

“At the moment he is in a pen, we think his roommates are bullying him. He is refusing to get out of his kennel, he is drinking water just in our presence and also we have to give him food inside the kennel. We let him outside in playing area and he started digging under the ramp and hiding there so we won't put him back in the pen.

He is crying when we are dragging him to his pen. We literally don't know what to do. The shelter is overcrowded, we have around 450, and we don't know how to move dogs anymore. He is not the only one in this position. But we are scared if we move him somewhere else, he will be attacked.”

We had posted about Kirby many times before to try to find him a home, but with the renewed urgency and the very real possibility that time might be running out, our volunteers worked around the clock to try to find a solution.

Luckily, we have a few dogs leaving our UK kennels for their forever homes, which has opened up spaces for Kirby and Hazel - another Adjud resident who was in a very similar predicament.

They are currently being prepped for transport - we will keep you updated on their journey and are keeping all our fingers crossed that they get the happy ever afters they deserve.

Thank you to all our fosterers and adopters who enable us to make space in our kennels for dogs like Kirby. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please fill out an application on our website and one of the team will be in touch.

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