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A real Hero never gives up

One of the Adjud shelter volunteers begged us to help this terrified young dog who was too scared to eat and would only drink if someone was in the kennel with her watching.

When they told us, ‘this dog will not make it in the public shelter’ we bumped it to the top of our urgent appeals.

We initially thought the 2-year-old pup was a girl and began soliciting name suggestions - only to discover she was a he!

That meant a second round of name suggestions - eventually the name 'Hero' stuck, which seems like a fitting moniker for such a brave little guy.

Our amazing supporters raised the transportation fees needed to bring Hero over to the UK and he got more than 30 applications.

Hero is now awaiting the next transport run in February - stay tuned for his progress as he waits to board the Happy Bus on route to his new and happier life!

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