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An A-May-zing month for foster fails!

Updated: May 28

What an incredible month for foster fails! We've had 12 fosterers fall in love with their house guests and decide to officially adopt them - now these gorgeous pups all have forever homes.

Pictured above is Leena, who now lives happily ever after with adopter Annie and her husband, and their fellow Pawprints rescue, Storm.

"The fun and smiles Leena has brought into our home, along with her gentle yet bold nature she has shown towards our resident PPTF dog Storm, has actually brought a sense of calm, joy and fulfilment into the home," said Annie.

She is just awesome! It’s taken some time for Storm to share his house and parents, but we think he enjoys the company. She’s the sweetest girl."

Also now happily adopted are Romeo, Nernie, Fifi, Freya, Bella, Finn, Ivy, Arnie, Charlie, Little Bo, and Wanda - we're so delighted they're staying with their lovely new families.

After months of trying to find her a foster home, our lovely oldie, Wanda is getting to spend her retirement years with fellow Pawprints rescue, Spud, which makes our team so happy.

Thank you so much to all our fosterers and adopters - you make a huge difference not only in the life of the dog that you foster or adopt, but also to the dog who has a chance to fill the kennel space that they vacate.

If you'd like to find out more about fostering a Pawprints dog, please fill out an application on our website and an admin will be in touch.

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