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Arnie's lucky last-minute escape

When we heard that Arnie was going to be euthanised for no reason other than the fact his new owners didn't want him anymore, we couldn't just sit back and let it happen.

The poor boy was spending most of his time in a crate and living in a house with another two unneutered dogs.

Just 18 months old and very friendly and loving, this gorgeous boxer/staffy cross deserved better.

We had no room in our kennels, so we put out a desperate appeal for help on social media... and one of our fantastic volunteers stepped up to foster him.

Arnie is now living with Peter and his family and settling in perfectly. You can tell from the pictures below how well he is getting on - he has no idea just how close he came to running out of time.

"It’s been quite an emotional week really, spending so much time with him," said Peter.

"He’s so loving and affectionate. I really struggle to grasp how anyone could consider PTS with a perfect doggy.

We said goodbye to our last dog 6 months ago and I’d do anything to have had more time."

Thank you to Peter for fostering this gorgeous boy and thank you to everyone who has been supporting his rescue. We couldn't save dogs like Arnie without your help and we're so grateful.

We'll keep you updated on Arnie's progress.

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