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Bella's future now looks bright

When we first heard about Bella, her situation was very precarious - her owner came to us in desperation and was considering putting Bella to sleep.

Unable to deal with Bella's inability to crack toilet training during the night, the situation had begun to impact her owner's health.

Our kennels were completely full, but we couldn't bear to watch a beautiful, healthy, 2-year-old dog be euthanised. So the Pawprints team took to social media and begged our amazing supporters for help.

Bella received hundreds of shares and dozens of offers of a home - unfortunately she was quite tricky to situate because she needed to be the only pet.

Time was ticking and Bella came very close to losing her life - but a wonderful foster home stepped up and Bella got a last-minute reprieve!

She is now settling into her foster home, where she is enjoying sunbathing in the garden and getting lots of love and attention.

To say the team is relieved would be an understatement.

"She deserved to live and she deserves to be comfortable and happy," said director Rebecca Smyth. "Thank you to everyone involved in her rescue."

Bella has a nasty skin allergy that needs treating and she still needs to be spayed. If you would like to contribute to our ever mounting vet bills we'd be incredibly grateful for any support.

Thank you so much for all your shares and donations - we can only save dogs like Bella with your help.

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