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Felice - 2 year old female

Meet Felice ❤️

2 year old female

Large sized

Available for adoption

Location: Craiova, Romania

❤️ This sweet girl is Felice. Felice has such a beautiful soul and is so gentle and calm. She gets on with other dogs and can live with children.

Felice is happy to have fuss and will come to you for one. She likes her food too as the video shows! She has only ever known street and shelter life and deserves to know a loving home.

We know the perfect home for Felice is out there, she really shouldn't be in a kennel. Could you be her forever home? ❤️

🐶 Felice can live with dogs

🐱 Felice has not met cats yet

👧 Felice can live with dog savvy children 10+

🐕‍🦺 Felice has walked on a lead but will need further training with this

Spayed/neutered ✅

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐ Lifetime rescue back up provided⭐️

Please consider Felice 🙏

ID code: PPTF CE - 022A

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