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Frank becomes an XL bully ambassador

Frank was one of our UK intakes - a super sweet XL bully puppy with three legs, who was surrendered to us last November after his owner became homeless.

He found himself a lovely foster home, where his new family fell in love and officially adopted him.

Well, we're delighted to report that things just keep getting better for little Frank - he’s now an ambassador for Napo Pet Insurance, which is taking on exempt XL bully breeds to make sure they have coverage.

“He is an absolute inspiration,” said adopter Rheanna.

“No muzzle issues, absolutely loved and adored by everyone who comes across him in the street and as of a couple of weeks ago he’s become an ambassador for Napo.

“We’ve had lots of training sessions and although he is still a typical cheeky puppy, he is absolutely perfect.”

Good boy, Frank! We hope you remember us when you’re a social media star!

If you're an XL bully owner with a valid exemption, here is Napo's take on the bully ban:

'At Napo, we believe every pet deserves great healthcare, no matter their breed. So we’re now offering health insurance to exempt XL Bullies.

It’s a step toward our ultimate goal to one day be able to cover more breeds of dog without exception.'

Find out more from their website.

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