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Hit and run victim Cenusa's happy ending

You might remember our story on little Riri a couple of months ago - found by the side of the road in Romania in October, she and her two siblings had been hit by a car and left with serious injuries.

Thanks to our kind supporters, two of the three siblings made a full recovery and have since been adopted by lovely new families.

We were hoping they'd be able to travel to the UK together, but Cenusa popped her leg back out of the socket after playing too rough with Riri and had to wait a little longer for her happy ending.

Fortunately, she's now bounced back to health and has settled into her lovely new home. Now called Ash, she's been living with her new family for three weeks and is settling in nicely.

Here's what her adopters had to say:

"Ash is loving life since we picked her up! She has done so much - lots of walks, treats, meeting other people and dogs. Most importantly she is very loved and enjoys snuggles with us."

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the vet bills for these gorgeous pups - you gave them the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives.

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