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Life's Just Peachy (At Last)

We’ve been waiting so long to write this pupdate….... Peach finally has a home!!

Peach has the most horrendous story ever - attacked by her owner with an axe for eating chickens, she was left with a huge dent in her skull and lost the sight in one of her eyes.

She was brought to the Adjud public shelter where she spent years waiting for her chance.

Initially aggressive toward the volunteers because of the unimaginable cruelty she’d endured, she eventually realised that not all humans were bad and began getting over her fear of people. She started coming out of her pen for a fuss and became a firm favourite among the staff.

After posting about her for several years, our lovely Peach was finally offered a home in the UK and came back on this week’s Happy Bus! We’re so thrilled for her.

“Thanks to you all, she will be safe soon,” said our Adjud shelter volunteer.

We’ll keep you updated on Peach’s progress in her new home.

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