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Maia & Kade - 2 years old male and female

Meet Maia and Kade ❤️/💙

Meet Maia & Kade ❤️

Female and Male dog

Approximately 2 Years Old

Large Sized dogs

Location: Curtea de Arges, Romania


❤️Maia and Kade are a bonded pair that must be homed together. They depend on each other and care for each other.

Maia and Kade are both energetic dogs who love to play and explore.

This pair have so much love to give. They just need to find the right forever home.❤️

Maia and Kade can live with other dogs but they must be large dogs 🐶

Maia and Kade cannot live with anything smaller than them (cats, birds, rodents, livestock etc.)

Maia and Kade can live with children 15+ 👧🏻

Maia and Kade are lead tested 🐕

Spayed/Neutered ✅

Vaccinated ✅

Chipped ✅

⭐️ Homecheck and adoption fees apply⭐️

⭐️ Lifetime rescue backup provided ⭐️

Please consider Maia & Kade 🙏

ID code: PPTF CDA - 567A / PPTF CDA - 568A


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