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Meet the Team: Karen Wolfenden  


Introducing our amazing Outlet Team Leader, Karen Wolfenden, who runs our FB Outlet group - it’s full of fantastic items that all raise money for the dogs so please join it if you haven’t already!

How did you get involved with Pawprints to Freedom?

I first got involved with PPTF when I was searching for a 4-legged addition to our family. My daughter has several diagnosis, including anxiety and autism, and we thought a dog would be a fantastic addition to our family and they could bond and grow up together. So she helped choose Mia from PPTF over 5 years ago now. They are the best of friends.

I got involved in helping on Auction first, then moved to helping with Outlet. And now I run the Outlet group.

What does your role as Outlet Team Leader involve?

My role involves ordering, processing payments, communicating with people and I love the updates people send me of their dogs with their purchases.

What’s your favourite part of the role?

Getting to know our members and raising as many funds for the dogs as possible.

Do you have an all-time favourite PPTF dog or dog success story?

If I had to choose an all-time favourite it would have to be Charlie. Charlie came to us only for a short time and then moved on to his permanent home. There are so many other success stories though. And with the help of our fantastic supporters there are plenty more dogs going to get their happy ending.

What are you most excited about in 2024?

Outlet has progressed so well over the past couple of years even though times have been tough. But everyone has come together and helped raise funds, which is amazing. So for 2024 I hope for the same.

Join the Outlet group here

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