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Molly's 11 year journey to freedom

Back in November we received a desperate message from one of the volunteers at Adjud public shelter in Romania about a dog who had been there for 11 years. Eleven years in a dark, miserable box - can you imagine the horror?

”He is old, weak and tired,” she said. He used to go in front of the gate to say hi to us. Today I found him laying in dirt - he wasn't reacting at all. I don't want him to die in a miserable shelter.”

The poor old guy had stopped eating; was too scared to play outside and had painful tags in his ears.

After a heartbreaking plea on social media our supporters rallied to find this poor pup - who we named Lucky - a home.

When the employees went to prep ‘him’ for transport everyone got a bit of a surprise - we found out he was a she! Fortunately that didn’t change anything about the long-awaited happy ending - she came over on the Happy Bus just before Christmas.

Lucky has been renamed Molly and has been in her lovely new home for a month now.

Her adopter said:

“She’s so lovely! Put on a nice bit of weight and is walking up the stables and wandering around the fields a few times a day for about half an hour! Getting stronger each day.”

What a wonderful life Molly now has in her retirement years.

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