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Obe - 8 year old male

Meet Obe 💙

Available for foster and/or adoption

Approx 8 years old

Medium sized Male

Currently in Hull


Meet Obe, he is a beautiful dog with a very chilled out nature who loves to be with his favourite people.

He is very intelligent and has learnt a number of tricks such as high 5, rollover and spin. He loves the beach and enjoying the sun but isn't a fan of water, getting him to go for a walk in the rain can be a challenge.

He has a sweet tooth so make sure to hide your treats! 🙈

👨‍👧‍👦Obe needs an adult only home

🐕Obe can live with other dogs with the ability to seperate and with slow introductions. He can growl at certain dogs when on walks if he becomes too overwhelmed but will warm up once comfortable.

🐈Obe could live with dog savvy cats with the ability to seperate and slow introductions. He has never lived with cats previously however will run away from them in the street.

🐕‍🦺Obe accepts a collar, harness and lead and loves his walks. He can sometimes be overwhelmed by loud noises and this can cause him to become reactive towards cars out on walks.

Fostering a rescue dog is not something to take on lightly, they need full commitment and a lot of work and patience to allow them to blossom. There may be many challenges to overcome so please ensure full dedication before applying.

Obe can be 'Picky' with strangers in the home however is usually okay with people once he trusts them.

Obe is toilet trained. Obe is not crate trained. He has been left alone for long periods with no issues. He is also great through the night. Obe is okay in the car for short journeys. Obe can display guarding behaviours therefore will need to be fed separately.

We always advise sensible and slow introductions to family members and other pets.

⭐️Homecheck and match review apply⭐️

⭐️Lifetime rescue backup provided ⭐️




SC - 022E


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