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Our Safe Haven's new year's resolution

Updated: Jan 11

Are you looking for a new best friend in 2024? Our Safe Haven kennels is appealing for potential adopters to come and meet Arun, Pongo, Aram, and Ruma, who have all been waiting for homes for two years or more. Three of them have been at the shelter since it opened in 2021.

Arun - A firm favourite of our staff and volunteers, this 9-years-young boy is looking for an adult only home where he is the only pet. He loves a fuss and is an absolute pleasure to walk!

Pongo - Playful and affectionate but nervous around strangers, 8-year-old foodie Pongo is looking for an experienced, adult-only (and pet-free) home. He loves playing fetch and tug-of-war and will do anything for a treat!

Aram - A sweet and gentle boy of around 3 years old, Aram needs a patient owner who can build his confidence with a lead. He could potentially live with another dog and older (teenage) children and gets on great with all the other dogs at the kennels.

Ruma - Friendly and playful, this gorgeous girl is around 6 years old and is looking for an experienced, adult-only home with an active owner who can take her on adventures.

OSH Director Kirsty Drain said: “In 2023 we have seen a number of our long termers been given a second chance at living their best life; some have undergone a lot of work and training with staff and volunteers to get them to where they are now.

My resolution for the charity is to top this figure and work on the few long termers that we have still at the kennels. They’re very well cared for, but it’s not the same as having a home of their own.”

Can you help us rehome any of our long termers? Click here to fill out an application form.

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