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Phoebe 7 year old female

Meet Phoebe ❤️

Approximately 7 year old Medium sized female. Available for Adoption

Location: Morayshire


Phoebe is a nervous lady looking for an adult only home with lots of patience and space.

She can be nervous of people when first meeting them and retreats into her safe space when she feels unsure.

She takes time to build trust but once she does she will enjoy strokes and cuddles from those she feels comfortable around. She would enjoy a quiet home as she isn't sure of loud noises.

Phoebe can wear a collar, harness and lead. She enjoys going for walks. She prefers calm dogs. If one is too excitable when approaching her she will tell them to back off.

Phoebe could live with a calm dog with slow and sensible introductions, she gets on well with the resident Jack Russell who has a calm nature.

Phoebe could live with a cat.

Phoebe is nearly completely house trained. She uses the garden during the day. She has had the odd accident overnight but uses puppy pads when this happens.

Phoebe does not like crates.

Phoebe can be left at home without issue for up to 3 hours.

Phoebe does not travel well in the car.

We strongly advise slow, sensible and supervised introductions with pets, other family members and visitors initially.

️Homecheck and adoption fees apply

️Full rescue back up provided





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