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Pound survivor Rolly goes home!

Rolly's story captured the hearts of lots of our supporters - we're delighted to tell you that he has now gone home to his lovely new family.

Rolly's time was nearly up at the pound - no one had come forward for him and there was just no space to keep him there.

At less than a year old, terrified and shaking, this poor puppy's life was really hanging in the balance.

We couldn't bear to sit by and watch, but we had so many dogs in our care already we just couldn't afford to take on another one - that's where our amazing supporters stepped in.

Thanks to their incredible generosity, enough funds were raised to cover Rolly's veterinary and transport costs.

Shelter manager Catherine collected Rolly and took him to Our Safe Haven kennels at the beginning of March, where all the staff and volunteers fell in love with him.

He has such a sweet disposition, how could they not?!

Rolly had a brief setback when his potential adopters unreserved him two days before he was due to be collected, but fortunately he found a new family who promised to give him the forever home he deserved.

They picked him up from Our Safe Haven kennels last weekend and Rolly now has a lifetime of love to look forward to.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen - you truly saved Rolly's life.

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