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Say "Cheese" - his reason to smile returns

Cheese had such a terribly sad story - he lost his sister when she was put in the wrong kennel at the Adjud public shelter and was attacked by bigger dogs and then he was mistreated by kennel workers and began losing his lovely cheesy smile.

We started to worry that we’d never be able to get him out of that awful situation… but then he had an offer of a home and our lovely supporters helped to raise the funds needed to bring him to safety in the UK.

Four-year-old Cheese arrived at his new home in December and spent his first Christmas safe and loved, with a full belly and a warm bed. Finally, a reason to smile again!

Here’s an update from his foster family:

“He’s been doing really well, growing in confidence and walking nicely on the lead now.”

You’re safe now Cheese - enjoy your lovely new life.

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