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Six new Romanian arrivals as latest rescue girl gives birth

New Year, new drama! Our lovely Curtea de Arges shelter managers, Tony and Mary, rushed out last week to pick up this poor unwanted pregnant girl.

Her time was almost due and they made her cosy in their office next to the radiator to keep her safe from the harsh weather conditions.

A couple of days later, Tony and Mari were up at 2.30am being midwives as our girl gave birth to 6 puppies… no wonder she was HUGE.

Tony and Mari have been giving her round the clock care at home - we're so lucky to have such caring and compassionate managers running our shelter.

So far everything has gone smoothly and all six pups are doing ok.

Here's a video of mother and puppies doing well (listen to those adorable squeaks!)

Although these guys and girls won't be ready to adopt just yet, we have dozens of gorgeous Romanian puppies desperate to escape the harsh Romanian winter. Please fill out an application here.

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